Will Registration

A Will is a legal instrument which a person (testator) sets out his/her wishes as to the distribution of his/her properties (when comes to property, it is not just limited to landed property, it includes your personal properties like shares, cash, jewelleries etc.) after he/she dies. As a Will only comes into effect after the testator dies, the testator can create a new Will to override his/her old Will during his/her lifetime.

The law does not designate that a Will must be prepared by a lawyer. As long as it is in written form and fulfils the requirements of the law, it is a valid Will.

  • A one-time fee of RM388.00 is payable for each successful Will written;
  • Suitable for Malaysian who is busy;
  • Suitable for people who needs a BASIC WILL;
  • You can quickly get your Will done;
  • It is user-friendly;
  • It is drafted by qualified lawyer;
  • You can make your Will at anytime and anywhere;
  • Reasonable price.

Before you proceed to use our service, it is crucial for us to ensure that you are eligible to use our service. Please confirm the following:-

  • I am a Malaysian;
  • I am 18 years old and above (for Peninsular Malaysia and Sarawak) and 21 years old and above (for Sabah);
  • I am not a Muslim;
  • I am of sound mind;
  • I am able to read and write;
  • I understand that by completing and executing this Will, this Will will be my Last Will and Testament which revokes all my previous wills.
  • I have read Terms and Conditions herein and fully understand and agree with the said Terms and Conditions.
  • I consent to the Data Protection and Privacy Policies.

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